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Railway Safety

New Brunswick & Maine Railways (NBM) are part of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies, a family-owned, New Brunswick-based business with a 130-year history. NBM Railways is made up of the following three companies: New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR), Eastern Maine Railway (EMR) and Maine Northern Railway (MNR). We're committed to our people and the communities in which we do business, and travel through via our railways. The safe operation of our business is a priority. We comply with - and in many cases exceed - the many safety regulations that guide our industry, through Transport Canada and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in the United States. It's a commitment we take seriously each and every day.

We're committed to the safe operations of our business and strive to be the best in class in everything we do.

  • All of our trains operate with a two-person train crew who complete a detailed inspection before every departure.
  • All locomotives that are unattended and safely parked on rail sidings and rail yards will be completely secured and rendered inoperable.
  • Hand brake policies provide train crews with more specific guidance on their application to include the size of the train and the terrain where the train is parked.
  • On our high density railway lines, we undertake visual rail inspections three to five times per week, while industry regulations require a weekly inspection.    
  • We use X-Ray and Ultrasonic technology to help identify any rail flaws not visible to the human eye, while industry regulations require that we conduct this assessment yearly we often exceed these requirements.     
  • As we are part of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies, we have timely access to one of the best emergency response teams in North America and top emergency response equipment.