In addition to operating our own railroads in New Brunswick and Maine, NBM Railways offers a wide variety of value added services to our customers. 

NBM Rail Services provides a wide variety of rail infrastructure services including; new track engineering construction, yard design, track maintenance and rehabilitation.

NBM Railways operates a fully qualified AAR certified maintenance shop, providing repairs and maintenance to railroad and private fleets, as well as a rail served distribution center in Saint John, NB that is a 95,000 sq/ft facility with an attached lumber reload center.

We do business with a major global auto manufacture and recently opened a new 700 vehicle Auto Compound that offers rail unloading and vehicle storage services. 

We have also partnered with a local tour operator to provide Cruise ship passengers calling the port of Saint John with the rare opportunity to take a tour on a passenger train, which highlights the reversing falls and the Bay of Fundy.